Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Reduce Utility Bills

spring cleaning tips

The weather is warming all around us and the trees and plants are in full bloom.  Many people are spring cleaning their homes: thoroughly cleaning floors, furniture, windows, garages, and so on.  One thing to consider as you are focusing your attention on your home is to look for significant ways to save money on your power bill. 

One important action to complete annually is to have your HVAC unit serviced by a professional.  If your air conditioning unit is functioning optimally, your power bill will reflect the best rates available.  Your air conditioner professional can provide any maintenance required to make sure your unit is performing as it should.

Another activity that is important to not overlook is to dust your home.  It may not seem very significant, but if your air vents and filters are clear of dust, then the circulation of the air is not obstructed.  This will help your whole HVAC unit function properly.  Also, dust your ceiling fans, if you have them, as well as all electronics.  By getting rid of dust pile-ups on these systems, you are providing the best function available and therefore lowering the rate of your power usage.

Speaking of dust build-up, have you cleaned the coils of your refrigerator recently?  Coils of a refrigerator are usually located on the back or on the bottom of the unit.  If there is a lot of dust or grime built-up on the coils, then the compressor is having to work harder than normal and your energy bill will increase.  In order to clean the coils, use a vacuum cleaner or a specific coil cleaning brush to get off dust particles and grime.  You can purchase a coil cleaning brush on Amazon for about $12.00, or most home-supply stores will have them.

If you decided to purchase a coil cleaning brush, the good news is that brush can provide for a double use, and that is to clean the vent of your clothes dryer also.  Lint can build up in the vent of the dryer and the dryer hose that stretches to the outside of your home.  You can use the brush in your dryer vent to stretch beyond the lint screen and capture lint that wasn’t caught by the screen.  If your dryer hose is reachable with the coil cleaning brush, you can also use it to clean the hose.  If your dryer hose comes out of the second floor of your home, however, you will need to purchase a longer brush.  Either way, it is most important to keep your clothes dryer vents clear of lint in order to keep energy bills down and to prevent the possibility of fire.

If you take a little time during your warm spring days as you are spring cleaning your home to also clean your appliances and electronics, then you may be able to lower your energy bills.  You will also provide the best performance of your appliances and electronics, therefore giving them the ability to perform better and longer.  Happy Spring and happy cleaning!