How to Hire the Best Electrician

Are you new to the area and looking for a new electrician?  Are you not satisfied with your current electrician and looking for a new professional?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, below are some tips to think about as you try to find the most dependable, knowledgeable electrician Birmingham AL has to offer that can help with all of your electrical needs.

One of the best practices when looking for a new electrician is to compare a couple of different companies and decide who will do the best job for your particular needs.  “Word of mouth” is a good place to begin in your search for a true professional.  Ask someone you know if they have recommendations of electricians that they have personal experience with using.  You can also look online for reviews of local electrical companies. 

Once you have decided on a couple of specific companies, contact them and inquire about their services, rates, and availability.  You may want to see if they are approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) so you can find out if they have any complaints filed against them.  You could also ask for references, and proof of electricians’ credentials.  You should ask if the company is up to date on current regulations as stated with the National Electrical Code.  This is a code that is updated every three years on the current electrical regulations.

Another good idea is to find out if the company sends licensed electricians to service calls, or do the send apprentices or sub-contractors.  You most likely desire to have a licensed electrician complete your work, since electricity function is such an important part of the safety in your home.  Although many electricians learn their jobs while “on-duty”, or as an apprentice, it is always best to have a licensed electrician on-site to ensure accuracy with the final service.

Another valuable offer that many electricians provide is a warranty on parts and labor.  Ask your electrician if they really stand behind their work, and, if so, do they provide a warranty.  Many electricians will provide a one-year warranty.

Most homeowners would not think of this, but it is a very good idea, to hire an electrician to service your home as a general inspection.  It is considered a preventative-maintenance call.  If you can afford this service, have an electrician inspect your home’s electrical system from top to bottom.  They should check each outlet for proper working conditions, hardwired lights inside and outside of your home, wall switches for exposed wires, and installation of appliances.  Together, you and your electrician may decide on new placements for electrical outlets, or if any part of your system needs to be updated or replaced.

The electrical system of your home is vital for safety and for comfort.  Imagine living without the comforts of air conditioning, heat, ovens, refrigerators, computers, or lights.  Electricity provides so much and we often take it for granted.  The electrical system of your home should function properly and you need to have a professional electrician that you can count on to keep it in top-notch performance.