Choosing a Lightbulb

lightbulb types

Are you confused about the vast choices of lightbulbs these days?  If you have purchased lightbulbs recently, you are aware of the variety.  There are traditional bulbs, CFL bulbs, LED bulbs, multiple watt choices, warm light, soft light, multiple color bulbs, and the list goes on and on. 

Lightbulbs used to be incandescent, but they were a big waste of energy.  CFL bulbs were created next, then LED bulbs appeared on store shelves.  LED lights use the least amount of energy than any of these.

Incandescent lightbulbs are in the process of being phased out in the United States.  An incandescent bulb contains a wire filament that is heated to a high temperature that glows, such that it puts out light.  They are not energy efficient and there are other lightbulb choices available now.

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Posted by Emily Bates in Lighting